Photo 101 Day 2: Street

I enrolled in Blogger University Photography 101 which means, in theory, I’ll be posting pictures each day based on a theme or tip given by the “happiness engineer” in charge of the class. 

We can use our phones or any camera of our chosing. The idea is to take pictures everyday and share them on our blog with the tag “Photo101” so others in the class can see what we came up with. Our classmates comment on a private blog with ideas on how we can improve.

Since I’m traveling and only have my phone and iPad, I’ll be taking my photos with those for the first couple of weeks. I’m not sure how this will go, but I’m willing to give it a try.  

Today’s prompt is: Street 

Here are my photos, taken around Buffalo, NY. It seems that repair crews are out in force around the city. Potholes to be filled. Blacktop marked with cracks and crevices to be made like new again. Damage from snow and ice to be repaired.

Perhaps spring is around the corner! 


These next two made me think of the transformation going on outside while God tries do an inner transformation.  (Church in the background) 



My favorite is this one. It is simply The Street. 


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