Photo 101 Day 3: Water



When I got the email with the assignment for my Photography Class, I considered turning in my Traveling Haikus. But…that would a lie. I took those pictures Sunday. And I didn’t pay attention to focal point, foreground, or background when taking those shots. Plus today’s assignment was to take each shot from both vertical and horizontal views. I can’t take the lazy way on the third day! Not yet!

I’m in a hotel in Syracuse all morning while Ron has meetings down the street. We arrived late last night and will be leaving town before lunch. So I have the morning in the hotel to complete the assignment.

The theme for today is “Water”. I decide to look at the ways I drink water in a hotel. Here are my photos.

I won’t win any prizes for these photos, but I am beginning to learn to look at things like foreground, background and focal point. I see a huge different in the shots taken vertically and horizontally. My subject matter isn’t very exciting, but I am learning. And that is the point of the class, isn’t it?

Which shots do you like best? 

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