Hotel Rant

I debated whether I should share this on my public blog. I shared it on my private Facebook page and received such a strong response that I decided to share it. I’d be interested in your response.

Hotel restaurant rant:

People, stop griping about your teenager! 

Especially you showy, well-dressed businessmen trying to one-up each other who just bragged about not going home last weekend so you guys could play in the “company golf outing in Florida” and get wasted all weekend! That teenager who keeps calling you asking you for stuff and who keeps getting into trouble may not be there tomorrow! 

Would it be rude of me to stand up and yell at them all?

I’m going to my room to cool off. 

After listening to these businessmen complain about how expensive their teens’ schools and cars were, how much trouble they got into, how they quit a sport “after taking state three years in a row”, how their daughter called asking for this or that, blah, blah… I left. 

They talked like their teenagers were just expensive hassles that keep them from doing what they really want to do. How sad! I wanted to yell at them! Tell them to love their kids while they lived, while they can! But I knew they wouldn’t get it.

I went to my room. Cried a bit. Thanked God for the time I had with Andrew and for my other kids. Then prayed for those men and their families. 


This is still one of my favorites of my teenagers. Taken in 2010. Some day we will all be together again…in heaven.

5 thoughts on “Hotel Rant

  1. I have this theory that a lot of people really don’t like their kids. Maybe it’s because I just hear the negatives, especially in public places. Maybe it’s because we seem to have so many unhappy kids. But regardless of the reason, the result is that I don’t think many parents don’t like their kids. It must be even worse for the kids…..

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