Photo 101 Day 15: Landscape & Cropping

I was determined to take new photos for every assignment of my Photography Class. Then life happened: we got home from our three week trip and found the grass had grown, laundry needed to be washed, the bills and mail had stacked up, appointments needed to be met, etc. I had forgotten how busy my first week home from one of these trips can be.

I skipped a couple of assignments. They were on Scale and Movement. I plan on playing with my camera and working on those techniques, but I may not post the photos. It may be next month before I get to it. Boy, am I glad no one is grading this class!

Today’s assignment is to take landscape shots and crop them. Here is a link to a post from our trip west last summer. Idaho was beautiful! I love these shots! Check out the post to see them all.

On the drive from Salt Lake City to Pocatello, Idaho, we stopped to take pictures. God’s creation. Majestic.

Psalm 121 A song of ascents.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where doe…

Source: Playing with my camera 

Here is my favorite.


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