Photo 101 Day 16: Treasure and Close Up

When my mom died eighteen years ago, my siblings divided up her belongings and sent me what was left. That may not sound quite right, but I received some beautiful things! We each did.

I had seven young children. I lived more than a thousand miles away and we were in the middle of moving to another state. I was not in a place to help with sorting out her house.

I’m glad each of my siblings got lovely things they wanted. They tried to be fair in dividing our mom’s treasures. One of my favorite things from her home is now mine. It is a mahogany and glass curio cabinet.

It is filled with special things from her home, my dad’s home, and gifts Ron has brought me from various places. On top is a bronze sculpture mom wanted me to have. Above it hangs a lovely Chinese Cloisonne platter that originally  belonged to my grandparents.

We often have families with young children come over to our home. We have a toy cabinet filled with play things and a large play area, but I tell parents there is nothing their children can’t touch except that one corner!  It is my treasure corner.


My treasure corner

Cloisonne Platter. My kitchen walls are the same blue as this platter.

Inside the cabinet are three of my Nativity Sets. I have collected Nativity Sets for years and have a few that stay out all year. These three are tiny! Here are my close up shots.












7 thoughts on “Photo 101 Day 16: Treasure and Close Up

  1. I absolutely adore that platter!! So so beautiful! All of the items are but I have to admit, I covet that. Makes me want to go out and buy 3 beautiful things for my children to have from me when I pass… Because as I think, I really don’t have a few sure of any sort for either of them to have… Hmmm

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  2. How beautiful ! Truly they are treasures 🙂 I’ve not seen Nativity sets like that before. I have had many styles over the years. Interestingly the one that seems to have survived best (not all pieces unfortunately) is one I made myself out of pieces of dowelling and felt. I remember using tops of perfume bottles for the Wise Men’s headwear.

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