Photo 101 Day 18: Edge and Alignment 

For my long time readers, there are only two more days of this class. I hope my daily posting of pictures hasn’t bored you.

Today’s assignment is:

Today, show us an edge — a straight line, a narrow ridge, a precipice.

Today’s Tip: To make sure your edge packs a punch, use a photo editing tool to check the alignment and adjust the image, if needed, so that your edge is perfectly straight.

My photos for this assignment aren’t very cheery. They are where my brain is tonight. They include straight lines.

It’s late Tuesday night and I’ve been fighting a migraine since early February. I’m tired. Grief is harder when I’m tired.

I’m missing my son tonight. Maybe more so because I got to see two of our daughters weekend before last and our other daughter and oldest son on Easter. It’s great to spend time with them, but it also reminds me that one is missing. He will always be missing.


The Accident Site. On Hwy 287 north of Amarillo, Texas

The crosses are in the positions where the five were sitting. The driver is the top left. Andrew is the top right. The truck hit him directly. He was killed instantly. Blunt force trauma.


A stud at While We’re Waiting Refuge

While We’re Waiting is a support group for bereaved parents. They are building a retreat center. We were able to write a tribute to our children on the studs of the building. This is for Andrew. It’s in the kitchen. The library will be named for him. And the utility room will be called The Bat Cave in his memory. He loved Batman.


The back of his headstone

Too many cold edges on this stone. For an explanation of the design of his headstone, read this article. The front is explained here.



Andrew Raymond Duncan

9 thoughts on “Photo 101 Day 18: Edge and Alignment 

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  2. Touched my heart. The loss of a child is the most difficult of all I think. We have two adopted children. Our first never made it home. He died bearing our name. We never met, yet the grief was overwhelming at the time. It was a long time ago. It has mellowed and we now have two handsome young men who fill our home and hearts with love. Were we to lose one of them – I despair even at the thought of it. Your loss is so sad but you hold precious memories in your heart of the times you had together as a family. When the rawness of the grief recedes, your heart will begin to heal. The memories will always be with you. Every blessing to you and your famiy in this journey x

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  3. I am so so sorry. Your thoughts and photos are so heartfelt. I have no idea what it feels like to lose a child but I can only imagine how difficult it must be. I pray for comfort and peace and each day God lifts your spirits. Please know that you writing and sharing this with others is a big support to many. It also shows how strong you really are through your love for him. Hugs and Prayers and much love comes your way! 🙂

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  4. Oh dear, I have no words to say that I understand your pain, but as a mother, I felt this right in my bowels and the pain can’t be easy. Your love for your son shines through in your words and he really is a
    good looking, happy gentleman. I pray that your heart finds peace and that your migraine eases off. Blessings.

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  5. Your pictures tell the part of your son’s story that you cannot find words for at the moment. I hope your headaches ease up soon. Know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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    • Thank you.

      Most days I’m okay. Tonight is just a hard night. Thinking of my son and missing him. These days are fewer than they were even last fall.

      With time, doing the next right thing, and God’s help, grief gets easy to bear.

      I appreciate your prayers.

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