Good Morning

Last night I posted my Photo 101 assignment. It wasn’t fun or happy. But it was where my head was. This morning, I want to assure you that my head is not always in that place.

My life is full of joy! I don’t sit around my house grieving or thinking about grief. 

If you read about my Travels (find them in the category cloud at the side bar) you will see that we have adventures and fun. Or check out our cycling adventures!

Or let me tell you about my week….

We arrived home last Monday night late.

Tuesday I spent the day running errands and catching up on things that weren’t done while we were out of town. It was a beautiful day!

Back home, I opened the pile of mail from our trip. One envelope was addressed to “Mom C.P.A.”. It had my youngest daughter’s tax info in it. No note. Just the tax info for me to do her tax return. Last month I got an envelope addressed to “The Money Tree”; it had some medical bills in it. I love her sense of humor!


Love my daughter’s sense of humor

Wednesday I stopped by the local community theatre. I planned to run in for just a moment to take care of a quick business item, but ended up staying almost three hours! The home school group was rehearsing, and a couple of moms gave me hugs when they saw me. We chatted while their kids rehearsed. I saw the theatre owner and we talked for a while. Then another mom arrived and we chatted. Then someone else arrived for a voice lesson. Then a gal arrived for work and I just had to hear about her grandson! By then folks were arriving for Grease tech rehearsal. So much fun! Lots of joy and laughs!

Yes, that is where the memorial service was held. But it’s also where Andrew performed in a couple dozen shows. Adam, Peter, and Margaret were in shows at that theater. I volunteered many hours there. Many great memories are in that place! I enjoyed seeing friends that day. 

Wednesday is Bible Study night with a wonderful group of ladies. We are doing the Precept study of Joshua. It was a great study. Afterward I stayed and talked with a friend for a long time about the study, her art class, grandkids, and other things.

I love getting to catch up with friends when I’m in town!

Thursday, while I was running around town, I stopped by our local crisis pregnancy center. I helped a few gals learn how to use to make memes. They have their annual Walk for Life coming up and need help publicizing it on social media. I taught them how to easily make graphics with the details about the Walk so they can be shared on Facebook and Instagram. I love those ladies! We always have more than a few laughs when I stop by for a visit. I was able to get a picture of Andrew’s memorial tile while I was at The Center.


Andrew’s tile in the prayer garden at The Center

After dinner, Ron and I walked about a mile and half to some friends’ house. They love when we drop by. Usually we bring ice cream but didn’t that night since we walked. We arrived at dusk and stayed a couple of hours, so they had to drive us home.

Friday morning I putzed around the house finishing laundry, cleaning, working my Bible study, etc. I went to lunch with a friend and got a massage in the afternoon. Ron grilled salmon for dinner then we went for walk.

Saturday Ron and I spent time looking at trailers since the old one was totaled. Yes, it turns out the frame was twisted when the ambulance hit us the week before. The trailer place said it wasn’t safe to drive. Now they tell us! After we drove it from Virginia to Texas! Oh well! We made it home safe, and the ambulance company will be buying a new one. That’s a win for us!

We went to Opening Day of The Yard, our local Food Truck Park. So much fun! Great food from food trucks! Outdoor seating. Music. Lots of people. A bounce house and fundraiser for a local charity so lots of kids running around. We had a great day.

Our oldest son and his girl friend came down Saturday night and went to Easter service Sunday morning with us. After church we came home and grilled chicken and veggies for lunch. Our daughter joined us when she got out of church. Then the family went to her church to cut up a tree that had fallen on the playground so the preschool could use the playground Monday.


Taryn and David

Ron teaching Taryn to use a chainsaw.

I won’t bore you with more details. But I wanted you to know that I love my life! I have peace and joy and laughter! I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. 

Yes, grief hits me at times. I have dark moments, but they are few and far between. I will miss Andrew forever…or at least until I join him in heaven. He made me feel like a good mom. He was a prince of guy.

Losing a child changed me. It impacted me in ways I am still discovering. But it does not define my life or who I am. Grief does not consume my every thought or control my life. My life is good. 

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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