A-Z Challenge






Alphabet Soup

Asher, son of Jacob


I have joined the A-Z Challenge for 2016. Each day of April, except Sundays, we write posts thematically from A-Z.

Since this is the first day, I am supposed to write about something that begins with A. I could write about any of the things listed above, but today I need the post to be about some abracadabra!

I need some magic!

I am hosting a lunch for moms who are part of While We’re Waiting tomorrow, and I have a lot to do today! My house needs to be cleaned. I need to prepare the meal. I need to prepare my lesson for the support group meeting. I need to ride my bicycle. I need to take a nap. And so much more.

So I am getting off the computer and getting to work.



8 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge

  1. abracadabra! I am sending some extra energy. Let me know if it works…..My father’s rule was that you can get about 1/3 of the things done in a day that you think you can: so I make a list and then prioritize. And there needs to be some fun and play and meals and things on the list, not just “shoulds”… good luck!!

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