Coffee Mug

Back in the early nineties, we met an OU Law professor. A sweet young thing (as in mid twenties. Yes, she was teaching law at age 24) from Nigeria.

We moved to Tennessee a year later and she went on to teach at Harvard Law. Many years later she taught at Minnesota Law.

While at Harvard Law, she would fly into Bristol, Tennessee, where we lived, to watch the kids for us, so Ron and I could get away. She was single and loved us. She knew that married couples need time together. And she loved our kids. The kids were all invited to her wedding.

Ruth even came in a couple of days after Andrew was born to help me with the new baby since it was Christmas break and between semesters. She stayed for almost two weeks. We all loved having her around.

My kids still refer to her as “Ruth the Babysitter” not caring that she is a world renowned expert in intellectual property rights and literally wrote the textbook on the subject. But to my kids, she will always be “The Babysitter”, which they say with love and fond memories.

Margaret Ruth, our youngest, got her middle name in part from this crazy, godly Nigerian woman. 

Today Ron got a package from Ruth. She is back at Harvard as a visiting professor, specializing in patent law. When he opened the package he said, “Well, I’ve never gotten a letter from Harvard Law before.” As if that would be a normal thing one should get in his lifetime!

The package contained a Starbucks Mug from Switzerland!

Ruth had gotten it for him on her last trip to Europe. Such a sweet gift!

There are advantages to knowing a woman who helps third-world countries write their laws and travels the world to do it.

Normally, we only get You Are Here mugs from places we have gone ourselves. But now Ron says he will accept gifts of mugs from sweet friends who go to countries to which there is no way we will drive.

The gift of a coffee mug from a Harvard Law professor, godly woman, and dear friend is a priceless gift indeed.


Switzerland You Are Here Mug


The mug came with a handwritten note on Harvard Law letterhead.

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