Some have said I write to teach or preach to others. Nope. I needed this reminder today. 

I have some things I’m hurt and angry about today, but I am working to let them be put away. I am working to forgive. Hard to do when I’m hurting. Harder to do when those who hurt me don’t seem to know or care. But I didn’t know or care when in Christ God forgave me. He did it anyway. So shall I. 

And I will work to be kind to others even when they have not been kind to me, with God’s help. 

Eph 4.png


7 thoughts on “Kind

  1. My artist son did a pen-and-ink calligraphy centered on the words “Be ye kind” from Ephesians 4:32. It hangs prominently above my desk in my counseling office. I refer to it often. It solves lots of misery.

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  2. I can sense and feel your pain and anger. You are hurt. I don’t know who hurt you or the circumstances surrounding your situation. I don’t know what they did to cause you pain. Do they owe you an apology. Probably so. Can you or I make them give you one? No! If we could, could we guarantee the sincerity of it? No. So you have to move on without it and from your prayer I can tell you’re a stronger, more faith oriented person than I am so I’m betting you can do this. Hang in there. Never let anyone bring you down enough to doubt yourself. If they harmed you, then they have to make that right with someone. You just continue being a good person and you will walk on the right side of life.
    Take care and sorry I didn’t have better advice. I typically don’t like conflict and people who can’t recognize when they are wrong or offer an apology are normally people I stay away from.
    Melissa Sugar


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