In June, I am hosting a June 1-30 Challenge. Each day of the month, I will post a challenge or prompt that relates to the number of the date. 

I’ve been taking photos use as the featured image for each prompt.  Here are some of my photos.


If you are interested in joining the June 1-30 Challenge, follow this blog or check back on April 25 for more information. You can also follow the tag “June 1-30 Challenge”.

June 1-30 Challenge

16 thoughts on “Numbers

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  3. ok…somehow I got sucked in..probably because you asked me to try this. So, YES, I would love to try…but I must warn everyone. I absolutely positively stink at poetry so you are likely to get a limerick instead! Looking forward to the challenge now.

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    • I think it will be fun. Saturdays are Photo Challenge days and there are two days when poetry is required.

      A few of the prompts sounded great when I wrote them, but I will be out of my comfort zone in writing to meet the challenge! Perhaps that’s a good thing.


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