On the Road Again 

We are going on the road again. 

Michigan, New York, Arlington, VA, and Chattanooga are our destinations on this trip. Chattanooga is fun and my Bible Study Program, the rest is business. Well, mostly business. We always take time for rest and fun along the way. 

We leave later this week. I’ll post about our adventures in Trip Logs. Hopefully, they will be fun and profitable adventures. 

We had a scary adventure last Thursday!

We’d planned to head out Thursday afternoon. We planned to spend the weekend in Chicago riding bikes and seeing friends. We planned to be in Wisconsin Sunday evening. 

But something went very wrong with the new, bigger trailer. 

As we picked up speed on the interstate north of town, it began to fishtail. In a very short time, like seconds really, it was out of control swinging back and forth across the highway dragging the SUV with it. We were dragged all over the place.

Ron stayed calm and tried to regain control while slowing the rig. He prevented us from rolling over. My man is amazing. 

We ended up jackknifed and sideways on the grass in the ditch on the side of the highway. It all happened in less than a minute. 

Ron was able to drive us back onto the side of the highway to check on everything. 

No others cars were hit. Remarkable, considering the traffic. Lots of folks stopped to check on us. One guy said he saw something fly off under the trailer before it started swaying. 

No one was hurt. 

The was damage to vehicle and a mess inside the trailer from items flying all over. The trailer had minor damage.   

The guys at the factory are working to figure out what went wrong and fix it. They think the weight wasn’t balanced properly. 

We are also getting a bigger truck with which to pull it. There will be test drives before we leave town next week.  

Fortunately, our bikes were unhurt. 

We were planning to ride them in Chicago this past weekend. Now we plan to ride bikes in Michigan and New York the next couple of weekends. I’m hoping to ride a few miles in DC and Tennessee as well. 

But first, we have to get on the road again. 



9 thoughts on “On the Road Again 

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  2. I am glad you are OK. This happens a lot on the highways. Fortunately, I never had experienced an accident like that but I had witnessed it while driving. It does takes only few seconds when the car gets out of control. Good luck in your future travels.

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  3. Glad you are safe-I had that happen to me one time with a much smaller trailer and it was the most frightening thing! Good for Ron for getting you to the side of the road without a serious accident. Hope it is quickly mended.

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