God Was With My Son

A grief support page posted a quote from my book a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s worth posting again.

I read another status tonight about someone who survived a terrible car accident. “God was with him since no one should have survived this bad of an accident.” 

Folks, God promised His children that He would never leave us or forsake us. 

God was with Andrew when he, too, was in a car wreck but did not survive! God never turned His back or left Andrew alone. God was watching over my son when he was in an accident. He was with Andrew all the time. 

Statuses like the one mentioned above imply that God was not with the ones who died in an accident. Or of cancer. Or heart disease. 

Please remember that God is not one to show favoritism by “being with” or “looking out for” only those who are healed or survive. He cares for all of us, even in the midst of terrible accidents or circumstances. Even in the midst of suffering.

9 thoughts on “God Was With My Son

  1. I am currently reading your book and was glad that you put that in the book. I am struggling with where God was at when my son was killed and reading this has helped me to somewhat understand that Brenton wasn’t alone that morning. I am still struggling with God daily but reading your book has been inspiring.

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    • I hope you see in my journey that I struggled with all sorts of things! But I kept coming back to God. I’ve tried other things and found there is nothing better than life in Christ!


    • Miss Kathleen ~~ I too know that God was with Ethan when he lay there and linger and answered Ethan’s prayer, that I can almost hear my son say and ask – God if you are real help me out here.

      And because God was there, with my son, who was His child too, I know that God answered my son’s prayers. The injuries were so bad that God helped Ethan out the best He could. He took Ethan home, where he hurts no more.

      Thank you for sticking up for our boys and girls.



  2. We are here to live life according to God’s plan and sometimes he takes loved ones from us and we are left trying to understand why. We sit in our full humanness, filled with grief, pain and lack of understanding. But God has each and everyone of us in his hands. We lean to him for comfort, strength, wisdom and understanding. We can never give up our faith in him. Love and hugs friend.

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