For ten days I am studying the book of James at Precept Ministries in Chattanooga, TN. The first day we discussed an overview of the entire book. Faith is one of the main topics of the book. One of the lecturers gave us a list of Works of Faith, or things faith does.

Works of Faith

Chapter 1 verses 2-12 Faith Endures Trials.

Chapter 1 verses 13-25 Faith Endures Temptation.

Chapter 2 verses 1-13 Faith Doesn’t Show Partiality, Faith Loves

Chapter 2 verses 14-26 Faith Produces Works

Chapter 3 verses 1-12 Faith Learns to Control the Tongue 

Chapter 3 verses 13-18 Faith Has Wisdom

Chapter 4 verses 1-10 Faith Submits to God

Chapter 4 verses 11-12 Faith Doesn’t Speak Against His Brother

Chapter 4 verses 13-17 Faith Seeks God’s Will

Chapter 5 verses 1-11 Faith Waits in Patience for the Lord’s Coming

Chapter 5 verse 12 Faith Keeps Its Word

Chapter 5 verses 13-20 Faith Prays in Faith

This is going to be an awesome study!

7 thoughts on “James

  1. It’s interesting that chapter 2 is labeled as faith produces works. I always thought of it as faith is demonstrated or made known by works. The two sort of work in symbiotic harmony. Faith without works is dead just as body without spirit.

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    • Yes! They work together.

      We are saved by grace through faith. But if our faith has no works it is useless, dead. In other words, it wasn’t true faith. True faith will change me, conform me into the image of Christ.

      This is very different than saying we must work to be saved.


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