June 3 Challenge

June 1-30 Challenge 2016


Please Note: The Daily Challenges will have a title such as “June 3 Challenge”. These are the posts where you should add a link to your blog and your answer. 

I, Kathleen, will have an answer to each challenge as well. That’s why there are two posts from me each day. Sorry for confusing some of you.  

Day 3: Three Things You Can’t Live Without

June 3, 1937. The Duke of Windsor married American Wallis Simpson. He loved her so much he knew he could not live without her, so he gave up the Crown of Great Britain to marry her.

What are three things you can’t live without (or wouldn’t want to).

#June 1-30 Challenge

Remember that Saturdays are Photo Challenge Days! I hope you have thought about take some pictures this week!

June 1-30 Challenge

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18 thoughts on “June 3 Challenge

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  3. I love your challenge, and cannot wait to be on summer break so I can revisit what I am missing so much right now–this community. I need to write, and more importantly, I need to read! Darn this reality thing, cramping my style. . .

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hate it when reality cramps my style!

      My style is truly a 5’7″ 145 pound wealthy woman who can run six miles without breaking a sweat and has time to read every book on her To Read list. Reality doesn’t mesh with that.


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