My Goals for June

June 1-30 Challenge

Day 2 Two Goals for June

June 2, 1835.  P.T. Barnum and his circus started their first tour of the United States.

Do you want to learn to ride an elephant? Or fly on a trapeze? Or juggle fire? What new ills would you like to learn? Or do you simply want to improve in some area of your lives? Do you have projects that you’ve started and desire to finish?

Tell us about two goals you hope to achieve this month and how you plan to achieve them.

Goal 1: Complete all my Precept homework.

I’m co-leading a study of Jude on Tuesday evenings from Amy 31-July 5. I need to get each week’s homework done a week early to prepare to lead the discussion. I am also doing study with other bereaved parents called Heaven, Hell, & Life after Death. It is the last three weeks of this month. I am also planning to attend the Summer Study Program in Chattanooga in July where we will study the book of Galatians. I need to get at least half of that homework done this month as well.

I will be spending at least 2-4 hours each day studying. It will be great! But it will not be easy!

Goal 2: Lose another five pounds and continue the healthy eating habits I have begun to maintain while traveling.

To do this, I need to watch what I buy and be careful what I order in restaurants. I’ve stopped drinking soda and eaten much healthier these past few trips. Snacks while traveling were usually bottled water and fruit. Sometimes I would get cheese sticks as well. I took the stairs as often as possible and went on lots of walks and bike rides.

It’s hard to maintain the good habits when I am back in my home turf. It is much easier to fall back into old habits!  I know it really is a choice. I will be working on only buying healthy foods to keep at home – no more Dr. Pepper or Oreos! I need to limit my consumption of chips and guacamole. And I’ll be riding my bike or going on a long walk at least twice each week.

Check back with me at the end of the month to see if I achieved these goals!




2 thoughts on “My Goals for June

  1. Well since I have already ridden an elephant, and done a shorter, 10 foot, high fall (which is close enough to a trapeze that I am okay with that), been spun on a wheel and hand knives thrown at me (on the Wheel of Death by Larry Cisewski) and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane I have to admit my goals for June, as of May 30 were different then it seems they need to be today, June 2nd…..

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