Photo Challenge: Four

June 1-30 Challenge

Day 4 Photo Challenge

June 4, 1917. The first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded.

If there was a Pulitzer for amateur photography…

Today is your chance to post your entry for the competition!

Post a picture representing the number 4. It can be four items, four people, or something showing the number 4. Be creative! Look around you and take some fun photos to share!

Alternative: Post a gallery of four photos that have a shared theme. Use the Create a Gallery Tool to make your gallery.

Here is my gallery. My four darling grandchildren.


And just for fun, here is my photo representing the number four. My four sons. The last photo I have with the four of them together, from December 2012.


Andrew, Adam, Peter, and David

And a gallery from a photo shoot in 2010. They had a great time together.




4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Four

    • Yes, I homeschooled all seven.

      It us not too late to join the June 1-30 Challenge! Look at my home page to find the guidelines and all the prompts fir the month. Saturday’s are Photo Challenge Days. But every prompt can be met with a poem, photo, fiction piece, or whatever you choose!

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