Six Songs I Love

Days 6 Six Sounds You Love or Hate

June 6, 1944. The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was founded in London?

Are you a fan of the song YMCA by The Village People? Or do you hate it?

Write about and share six songs or artists you love or six songs you hate. This is a chance to learn how to embed media in a post.

Alternative: Write about sounds that grate on your nerves.

This time of year, we hear an interesting sound: a baby hawk screaming for food.

We’ve had a pair of hawks nesting in one of trees for years. It’s fun to sit on the porch and listen to their baby screech. I’ve tried to get a good picture of them but can’t get close enough. I have seen them both sitting on our two-story play fort and on our old fallen mesquite tree many times. They are beautiful! 

While we were out of town for about five weeks, our grass grew very tall! Constant rain made it difficult for our lawn guy to mow. Last weekend we spent more than 35 man hours mowing. The Hawks have been doing lots of hunting in the yard since then. They’ve been hunting frogs, toads, snakes, and field mice living on our property. Yet another reason I love hearing the baby hawk: its parents kill vermin in my grass!

Another sound we hear most every night: coyotes howling.

If you live in Texas, the word “coyote” is pronounced ki-yot. Both long vowels. The word rhymes with “vote”. 

I used to enjoy the sound of them howling, but now they have gotten a bit too brazen. A couple of weeks ago, our housemate let our dogs out and then heard them barking. She went outside to find the following (in her words):

So I’m just hanging out in the house and the dogs kept barking and I figured they would stop but they didn’t. So I walked outside and saw Lady standing in front of Lyla and 6 coyotes in a half circle facing them. One of them started circling and heading towards Lyla. I started yelling really loudly to scare the coyotes right as Lady started charging one of them. They ran off and Lady chased them off too and Lyla very slowly headed to the house. Ha but I was kind of proud of Lady for being protective.


The third sound I love is the sound of my kids talking and laughing with each other.

Due to a very disfunctional family, my siblings and I were not close. My brother and I have grown very close over the past ten years. 

I’m glad my children enjoy spending time together. 

My twenty-one-year-old son drove to Tennessee to spend spring break with his oldest and youngest sisters. My second daughter and oldest son took a twenty-hour-long road trip to spend a long weekend with our middle son. We spent a week in North Georgia recently where my kids played and laughed together. It was great fun!

I love worship music. Matt Redman is a leader I’ve enjoyed for years.

This morning I went to yoga class for the first time in months. It was a hard workout. About halfway through class, I was listening to instrumental music paying and thought, “It would be wonderful to have a class where we listened to Christian music.” Just then, the song below came on. It made me happy! I love my yoga/stretch/ exercise studio.

While traveling this past couple of year, Ron and I have listened to Stuart Townend often. Here is one of my favorites from him.

On our last trip, we spent the weekend in a suburb of Memphis. 

We visited Grace Community Church, a Presbyterian (PCA) fellowship. I loved that church! So many friendly people, great worship, and solid teaching. We received a nice, hand-written note from a couple we met after we got home. I will definitely visit there again if we go back to Memphis! 

Here is my favorite song from that Sunday morning service:

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    • After lots of failures, I found that opening a song in the YouTube app works best for me. I click on the arrow in the right corner and click Copy Link. Paste the link into your article. Wait a few seconds before saving or doing anything else to give WordPress time to capture the link.

      I’m not sure if that will work for you. But it usually does for me.

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