Infinite Tasks

Day 8 Eight Legs or Sideways It’s Infinity

June 8, 1992. The Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America. The first World Ocean Day was celebrated. 

Did you know the world’s largest spider is the Goliath birdeater tarantula and it’s found in South America?

Write a story with eight legs (octopus, two cats, four people, etc).

Or turn the eight sideways and use “infinity” as your prompt.

Back in March, I took a photography class through Bloggers University. It was great fun! I learned a lot and got out of my consort zone. Then I participated in the A-Z Challenge in April with similar results.

Knowing we would be home in June and that I would not have much going on, I decided to create my own challenge.

Unfortunately, things changed. I now have what seems to be an infinite number of things happening!

Our first few days home, we had three dinner engagements. We also had a couple of dinner parties at our house since we’ve been home. We have a concert to go to tomorrow and a few weddings and showers this month.

I need to clean my house! It has been neglected for the past three month. Dust in Texas accumulated quickly! I have no idea how long it will take me to get everything clean. Plus all the laundry from our last trip is still not folded and put away.

Our property was not mowed but once in six weeks while we were gone. In part because it kept raining, and in part because the young man who was supposed to mow had “other things come up”. With all the rain we have had, it needs mowing at least once per week. TEN ACRES! The first weekend we were home it took five of us to get it all done. We spent 35 man hours mowing and trimming the grass. It normally takes 10-12 hours to completely mow and trim the whole place. I do most of the mowing when I am in town.

We have a water party this Friday morning at our place for the home school group. A giant Slip & Slide on the hill. Water Kickball in the front yard (the bases are all kiddy pools and the base lines are plastic sheeting covered in baby shampoo for sliding). And a preschool water play area by the fort. This required me to mow everything early this week, pick all the dog and coyote poop, and treat for fire ants on about five acres.

I am co-leading a study of Jude over six weeks. This requires me to spend time doing the homework and preparing to lead discussions.

I am participating in an online class called Heaven, Hell & Life After Death starting next week. I helped organize this class for other bereaved parents, so it requires quite a bit of my time.

In July, I will be going back to Chattanooga for a seven-day intensive study of Galatians. My  workbook arrived this weekend. I now have seven weeks of homework to do for that class in four weeks.

Plus, I am working on a writing assignment from a publisher. Yes, a publisher has asked to write something. I am feeling great pressure to get it right! This project will take a year to complete, but I need to turn in the beginning in the next week or so.

Now my big brother is facing surgery and I may need to leave town for a week to be with him and his sweet girlfriend.

So, my sweet friends, my posts for the rest of the June 1-30 may be short and sweet. I hope those who are participating are enjoying the prompts. I’m loving reading your posts!




4 thoughts on “Infinite Tasks

  1. Oh Kathleen! I can so relate! But as a homeschool mama, you should know that any calendar page that appears blank is just begging to be filled and overflowing 🙂 Hope your month is wonderful with all these fun activities.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The funny thing its, I have not had a child living at home for two years! Yet I am still doing things with the homeschool community. I haven’t learned to say, “no!” especially when it comes to fun things like a giant sip & slide!

      Liked by 1 person

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