June 1-30 Challenge

Day 14 Fourteen Line Poem

June 14, 1578. Fourteen-year-old William Shakespeare wrote his first sonnet.

Actually, I made that up. Shakespeare really was 14 in 1578, and he did write sonnets. But no one knows when he wrote his first sonnet. Today may be the day you write your first sonnet, though.

Write a poem of at least fourteen lines. You may want to try writing a sonnet, but any fourteen line poem will do.

A sonnet is a poem written in fourteen lines with each line usually having ten syllables. There are various rhyming options for sonnets.  Shakespeare used the rhyming pattern: ABAB CDCD EDED GG.

Look up Sonnet if you need help and come up with your own fourteen line poem.

I had planned to wimp out on this challenge. But the more I thought about the things I had read today…so many filled with judgement and hate. So many hurting people.

Here is my poem.



Hate everywhere.
Ugliness, judgement. How can this be?
Hate of everyone and everything
Especially anything different than me.

Killing and bloodshed.
Instigated by religious zealots.
Hate and bigotry.
Words used like deadly pellets.

Jesus came not to condemn or judge.
He came to love and to save.
He loves the wounded and the weak
Not just the strong and the brave.

Please, please, my brothers!
Let us all simply…just love one another.


6 thoughts on “HATE

  1. https://lindaswritingblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/poetry-oy/

    I was filled up last night with all the info on Orlando, which is just to horrible for words. That’s part of the reason I chose to be silly instead of serious. Anyway, every time I try to write serious poetry it just comes out maudlin and trite.

    Did you read about what Chik Fil-A did? (I can never remember how they spell that) Amazing charity and compassion, considering the hatred they are accused of.

    You can–and should–disagree without hatred.

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    • Yes! I love the way that company reaches out when ever there is a need! They’ve done things like this before in disasters.

      I have many friends with whom I disagree, but we love each other nonetheless. To me, this is a mark of maturity. And of Christianity. Jesus loves many with whom He disagrees.

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    • I also try to focus on being light-hearted, there is always so much tragedy in the world and I work in an environment of having to read about awful criminal acts on a daily basis.

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