Road Trip!

Day 16 Sixteen and Licensed to Drive!

June 16, 1903 The Ford Motor Company was incorporated.

Sixteen is the age at which you can get a driver’s license in most states in the US. Was your first car a Ford? Tell us about getting your license or you first car.

Alternative: Write about a road trip.

A huge part of why I did this challenge was to write about something other than grief! Yet here I am, writing about grief…again! Yuck!

To those new to my page, I’m sorry. This is another serious grief post. My life really is great! I love my life! I’m happy and joyful most of the time.

This week, I seem to be in a more thoughtful place. I think the events of last weekend hit me hard. I know the pain of the parents of those killed in Orlando.

Here is what I posted on Facebook yesterday and today. My Road Trip Story.

Tuesday, 11:00 am. 

First solo road trip in more than two years. I thought it would be fun. Driving to Denver to see my stepmom and big brother.

I am pulled over on the side of the road in Memphis, TX, sobbing.

This is the route we took so many times to see Andrew. So many memories from road trips with our other kids to see him near Amarillo. So many trips over the years to see Ron’s grandmother who lived in Amarillo. So many trips with Ron’s mom and dad.

They are all gone now, too.

I’m thinking of the last time we were in Amarillo last August, when another beautiful young lady died and we went to help the cast and crew who loved our son and who had lost another friend.

This road used to be fun.

Now I’m crying more than I have in almost a year.

I am hurting like I did those first few weeks.

I know that I do not grieve as those who have no hope! I know that Jesus is Lord. I know that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I know that God is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.

I also know I miss those who have gone to be in the presence of Christ before me. And I know grief sucks!

A bit later I wrote this:

Tuesday, 3:30 pm

I made it safely to Amarillo. Thank you to all who commented and prayed for me.

I just spent 90 minutes online with a group of bereaved moms as we studied God’s Word with a book called “Heaven, Hell, and Life after Death”. This is going to be an awesome study. I needed it today!

This morning, I posted this:

Wednesday, 9:00 am.

Late yesterday afternoon I went by the TEXAS office to saw hi to people I love there. They loved my kid and I enjoy seeing them each time I go to see the show. I got lots of hugs and we laughed at Andrew stories.

The picture here is on the desk of Kris J Miller, executive director of TEXAS. He sees these pictures every single day.

Then I got to have dinner with two beautiful young people, Kelsie Chisholm and J.T. Sherrer (one of whom owes my a Disney mug).

I went down to the Canyon and saw many others I love. Lots of hugs, laughter, love.

I watched the first half of the show then went back to my hotel so I could get an early start this morning.

It was a wonderful afternoon!

The five killed in The Accident plus Peyton who died last August in an accident.

Today I drove seven hours to Denver. I stopped at The Accident site. I haven’t been here since the crosses were put up. I’m glad I stopped. I was surprised that I didn’t breakdown and sob today. I had expected that I would.

I had not expected it yesterday! Grief hits us in the gut sometimes, often when we least expect it.

After visiting The Accident site, I called Timothy, the one survivor of The Accident. We talked for three hours! (On speakerphone, of course, since I was driving.) We laughed and talked seriously. Then we laughed some more. He’s a great guy.

I’m glad I came on this trip. I’m glad I got to see fun people. I’m even glad I had a great, long cry. I felt better afterwards. Perhaps it’s just what I needed!

8 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. It’s not the natural order for a parent to bury a child. I watched my father go though extreme grief from my brother’s death. I am not a parent myself, so I cannot imagine the pain you must feel, but I hope that it gets easier to cope with the loss with each day that passes.

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