My Puppy

June 1-30 Challenge

Day 17 Seventeen Syllables

June 17, 1971.  The Okinawa Reversion Agreement was signed. This agreement between the United States and Japan returned control of Okinawa to Japan.

A Haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry. It is three lines: the first and third lines have five syllables each and the second line has seven syllables for a total of seventeen syllables. They are often about nature.

Write a Haiku. Please include a picture that illustrates your poem.

I wrote a few haikus earlier this years. You can read them here:




Traveling Haikus

Here is my haiku for the June 1-30 Challenge.


My puppy snores. A lot.

She is a  fat, black pug dog.

He name is Lyla.


Lyla with her friend, our yellow lab Lady.

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