I’m blowing off the challenge today because…


My brother has never been married. He’s been with Gretchen for a couple of years and I adore her! She is kind, smart, funny, and full of love. I have never wanted him to marry anyone he was dating, but I told him to marry Gretchen  after the first time I saw them together. They are perfect together!

And I got to help design her ring!

At Christmas, when they lived with us for a while, I took her to a jeweler friend of mine. We played and tried on big, blingy rings for fun. He secretly recorded her ring size. He and I paid attention to which rings she liked.

My brother called a month ago to ask me to have the jeweler make her a ring. The jeweler and I designed something and emailed it to Bob to okay. He wanted sapphires to match Gretchen’s beautiful blue eyes and to remind her of their time sailing the world together.

I am honored to have helped. I adore my big brother. He is a very special man and has been a terrific uncle to my kids. This was a small way I could repay him for some huge things he has done for me and my kids.
I am excited to get a new sister!

Gretchen and me cuddling at Christmas. I love this woman!

Two of my favorite people!

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