My Man

Day 24 Twenty-four Carat Gold

June 24, 1509. Henry VIII was crowned King of England. 

Henry the eighth valued a male heir. He wanted one. He wanted a wife who could give him one. He left the Church and created his own church so he could get divorced and marry a new wife.

Twenty-four carat gold is valuable. Some value riches above all else.

Tell us what is valuable to you. What do you treasure? Write about your treasure.

I have said it before, and I’ll say many more times: My husband is amazing! I value him. I’m glad I get to do life with him. 

Yesterday, Ron had to be up for a 4 am flight. Eastern time! That’s 3:00 am for us. He had appointments all day in Dallas and arrived home a little before 6:00 pm. He was exhausted, but he changed into work clothes and headed to a friend’s home to help cut up a very large tree that had fallen the night before. 

Ron cutting large limbs.

Our dear friend Peter Roberto asked to borrow our chainsaw for a few days. He thought he’d be cutting up that tree alone all weekend.

Peter and his wife Sharon are wonderful people. I adore them both! The have fostered many children and adopted one in addition to their other three children. They work hard to get moms back with their kids in foster care. Their heart is to restore families. Knowing that not all families can be restored, they hope to adopt more children. 

They help so many! They are quick to offer to babysit for or help anyone in need. Why would they think we (folks they’ve helped) wouldn’t help them? Silly man! There’s no way we would let Peter work on that tree for days by himself. 

Ron is serious about safety gear when using the chainsaw.

When we got to their home, there were already lots of folks working on tree. Eight adults and a gaggle of kids got it cut up, loaded branches in a trailer brought by a neighbor, cleaned up little sticks and leaves, and piled logs for free fire wood by the curb. All was finished by dark. (Peter missed most of the work as he had to go to bed early to be up for his full-time job at 2 am. I’m glad we got the work done while he slept.)

The men figuring the best way to pull out the stumps.

One neighbor brought his flatbed tow truck. He was able to use the wench to pull the stumps out of the ground and the other men cut them up. He also brought a huge trailer with high sides to load the branches in. I love how God provided all we needed to get the job done. 

Oh! And we just “happened” to get our chain sharpened and I bought two new chains earlier yesterday — before I got the message the chainsaw was needed by Peter. I love when God does that!

So a second thing I value, besides my amazing husband, is the Body of Christ. It’s a beautiful thing to see the Body come together to help a family in need!

And, yes, I helped load branches into a big trailer. I don’t use the chainsaw!

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