Day 27 Twenty-seven Sentences​

June 27, 1927. On this date the United States Marine Corps adopted the English bulldog as their official mascot. 

Write about any subject. You can write about a Marine, a bulldog, or an Englishman if you’d like. You can write about anything! But you must write exactly twenty-seven sentences. No more. No less.

Alternative: Write a poem with 27 words or syllables.

Since I can write about anything I choose today, I choose to ask you a few questions.

  • Have you enjoyed the June 1-30 Challenge?
  • What did you like?
  • What would you suggest I change if I do it again next year?
  • Would participate if I host it again next year?

Honestly, I created the challenge when I thought I’d be home and bored this month! But then a surprise trip to Denver came up in the middle of the month. Plus I am doing two bible studies this month that each take quite a bit of prep and study time. It rained a bunch this sprin, which is a huge change after five years of drought! My yard requires more work than its needed in years. I’m finding it hard to complete every challenge! I’ve skipped a couple. And I have a project for a publisher I’m supposed to be working on, which seems to be taking up all my writing juices. 

Yes, you read that correctly. A publisher asked me to work on a possible book project – a bible study to help grieving people as they journey through grief.  I have this month and part of next to see what I can come up with. I’ll turn it I around mid-July. I honestly wasn’t sure I could do what they asked, so they’ve given me time to try before committing. I do have a heart to help others facing loss. I love inductive bible study. But I am not sure I can write what they folks at the publisher are looking for.

So, to those of you who missed a challenge or two, and to those who are behind, I say, “Join the club! The club of bloggers who take on a challenge and then find they can’t finish it all! But I hope you had fun with the ones you did complete. And I hope you stay with us until the end.”

I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and finding new blogs to follows. Thank you for joining the June 1-30 challenge. Have a great end of June and terrific July!

10 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I’ve enjoyed this challenge very much! I liked the varying degrees of difficulty, and I especially appreciated you posting all the challenges at the beginning of the month. I was able to consistently stay two weeks ahead that way. I probably would participate next year if the challenges aren’t the same! Thanks so much for hosting!

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  2. I’ve loved the Challenge! Your prompts with the fun factoids make/made it unique.
    It forced me to deal with WordPress, and I feel more comfortable on the platform.
    (Now to do battle with the e-commerce part. Urgh.)
    I can think of no improvements.
    Count me in for next year, for sure!

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  3. Kathleen, I’ve completely enjoyed your challenge. The only one I had trouble with was because I can’t seem to find a route for posting my videos, but I’m going to work on that more today as I have time.

    What I like was that you thought out each challenge so well, even providing alternatives for several. They were thought-provoking and fun to do. I don’t have any criticisms. When I come up with something better than you did, then I’ll have the right to gripe–if I were a griper–if there were anything to gripe about. . . . 🙂

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    • Glad you participated!

      I didn’t require ant fiction pieces, because I can’t write fiction! I read bloggers like you and think, “I wish I could make up stories like that!” Maybe next year I’ll include at least on required fiction piece!

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