June 30 Challenge

June 1-30 Challenge

Day 30 Thirty Books

June 30, 1936. Margaret Mitchell’s book, Gone with the Wind, was published. 

Your last Challenge!

Have you dreamed of writing a novel? Set a timer for thirty minutes and free write! Write whatever comes to mind, then take just a few moments to do some simple editing such as correcting grammar and spelling.

Alternative: Have you read Gone with the Wind? Do you want to read it? What books do you want to read? What books have you read that you recommend? What books do you not recommend or will you not read?

Give us your list of thirty books.

Then grab a cool drink and relax. Sit down and read a good book. You’ve worked hard and completed the June 1-30 Challenge for 2016! Congratulations!

17 thoughts on “June 30 Challenge

  1. Kathleen, I thanked you in my final post, but I wanted to make sure to do so again. These prompts were thoughtful, thought-provoking, often just plain fun. I appreciate all the work you did. And now, I’m going to take some time to read what I may have missed from some of the others.

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    • I missed many posted by others this month! I’m thinking if I do this again, some of the challenges will include: Take today to read [number] posts by other bloggers. Comment on each.

      It was very hard to write everyday and read all the bloggers I enjoy!

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  3. OK, this is the third time I’m trying to comment. My computer is killing me tonight, and if I don’t get this done, I’m going to call it a day! June has been insane, so I am not going to pretend I can catch up. I can’t, and I know this like I know my name. As for books, I’ve loved many, loathed some and recommended a few. Not enough to develop a post of my own, but here’s three off the top of my head. Everyone should read Wonder by RJ Palacio; it’s so darn good. Read this book. I did actually write about this gem on my blog at some time. I’ve recommended The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. The man paints a picture with words, and that it’s translated from Spanish makes it that much more an accomplishment. I love, love, love The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, and recommend Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I laughed so hard at one of the blog posts she included in the book that I woke up my entire family. I think my personal blog challenge is to read what comes up in my reader this month. And maybe invent a way to create time. THAT would be super cool! 🙂

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