Galatians Lesson Four

I spent the past week doing an intensive study of Galatians at Precept Ministries.  I posted this a few days ago:

Halfway through lesson Four, Chapter Three of Galatians and my brain is about to explode!

Plus, I’ve already spent a few hours with the Holy Spirit ripping junk out of my heart. These intensive studies are not always fun. But they are amazing!

Studying God’s Word => Truth => Life => Conviction => Search my heart, Oh God! => Repentance => Forgiveness of those who have hurt me deeply => Freedom & Joy => Hunger and Thirst for righteousness => Hunger for more of God => Desire to know more of who He is => Studying God’s Word….

And my prayer is that all of this leads me to change, to be conformed to the image of Christ. And that you, my friends and family, will see a difference in my life.

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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