I posted this yesterday:

“Today I’m headed to see a beautiful saint named Golda who may be face to face with God any moment. I love her. I love that she made herself available to my family the week of August 13, 2013, to be with my sweet stepmom and drive her here to be with us that week. Golda cared for my grandchildren during the memorial service. She stayed with my stepmom every other moment of that week. I am honored to be driving my stepmom a few hours to see Golda today. We will stay with her as long as the Lord allows. I’m hopeful that will be few days. And, yes, I will thank her for what she did for us that week. And I will ask her to give Andrew Raymond Duncan a hug for me…after she’s spent a few centuries kneeling before God’s throne in awe and worship.”

It is hard seeing such a beautiful woman suffer through cancer and be in hospice care, but I’ve loved seeing the peace she has in knowing that God has this!

I met Golda’s daughter, who is sooooooo much like me. She lost a teenager 16 years ago in a car wreck. I’ve loved talking with her and hearing how God has given her peace in her grief. And we’ve laughed so hard we both almost wet ourselves! It is encouraging to see another mom who survived this pain and has found joy! She still has moments when grief hits her; she will until she joins her son in heaven. 

Our last day with them will be tomorrow. We will say our “see ya later” to Golda. And we will cry as we drive away. 

I told her yesterday thank you. I asked her to hug Andrew for me. She assured me she will, right after hugging her grandson.

2 thoughts on “Golda

  1. I read this to mom as she is laying here and she is so touched by such sweet word spoken from the heart!

    She is speaking as I am texting this comment.

    She is saying she is at peace and looking forward to seeing her Lord.

    Mom counts your family as her family and finds great joy in her memories.

    As for me meeting and sharing a common loss as well as personality traits made my heart warm. Probably made our father in heaven buckle his seat belt thinking, oh no these two in one place, not sure he was ready for that!!

    But putting the joking aside I was blessed to meet my new sister and know she is praying for my mother and I as I am praying for her and her family!

    God’s ways are above our ways and his thoughts above our thoughts. His ways are perfect!

    The are no coincidences I was meant to meet Mrs. Kathleen and I will cherish my memories as my mother does!!!!

    As I sit here my mother is in prayer to the savior she doesn’t even realize I am here. It is amazing to hear her speak to God about me and what she feels. To hear her speak to him of her faith and confidence in his will.

    Mom sends her love!!

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    • Now I am in tears! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your sweet momma with my family. I am so glad I got to meet you, my new sister in Christ!

      Please give your momma a hug for me. And can I say…I’m a bit jealous of her? She will soon see God in all of His glory!


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