He Soars

For us who have lost a child, this has a whole different meaning. No, our children did not choose to leave us. They were not “comfortable enough to leave us”, but they are gone. 

Even those who died at their own hand; they were not choosing to leave us but to leave the pain from which they suffered.

Our children were never really ours. We were trusted with them for a little while. We did our best, with the tools we had, to love them for the time we had. Now they soar! 

My son is a child of the King! A joint heir with Christ! He is worshipping God our Heavenly Father Face to Face! He is not an angel, he is a son and heir of God. He is in His presence. 

And he now soars! 

Not in the way I wanted. God’s ways are not my ways, but they are perfect, good, and full of love because He IS love!

I choose to trust Him.

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