Do not fear

Another meme that has a different meaning for us who have lost a child, parent, or spouse.

I am not unaware of the bad things that can happen. I know that bad things happen. People die! People I love! I know cancer, car wrecks, heart attacks, and murder happen every day. Death happens. I know it could happen again to someone I love.
And yet, I have stopped being afraid. I am no longer afraid of what could go wrong. 

I have lived through the death of my son. My Lord was with me every step of this journey. He has been my refuge and my strength. He is my help in times of trouble. I know that He will never leave me or forsake me. I know that He is sovereign and nothing will befall me that has not gone through His loving hands first! 

You don’t believe that? Satan had to get His permission to test Job! He had to obey the limits set for him by God.

From my study of scripture, I see that our Heavenly Father spoke the world into being! He speaks and even the winds obey Him. 

He has a plan for each of us, a plan I don’t always like or understand. I don’t understand why certain trials are chosen for me or you. But I do know that we are promised rewards if we persevere through those trials, just as Job was. And I know that everything that flows from Him is full of love because He IS love! 

Because I know that He is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in love, I can focus of the good things in my life. Good people. Good friends. Good ice cream! I can look around and see beauty everywhere! In my yard and huge spider in its web on my porch. In the mountains of Tennessee where my grandchildren live. In the desert we drove through last summer. In the heat of north Texas where I ride bikes with my friends. 

This week I attended a funeral for a friend who lost her battle with addiction, but who I am sure is in the presence of Christ because of her love for Him and belief in Him. The next day I saw another dear friend for whom I have been praying. Her marriage was struggling because of her husband’s addiction. She told me he had gone to treatment and has been sober for 90 days! Glory be to God!

Yes, he could go back out. Yes, one of my other kids could die before I do. Yes, my sweet stepmom might die this week or ten years. Yes, cancer will take some of my friends in the next few months unless they get a miracle.

But today I choose to rejoice that Carolyn is with Christ. I rejoice for my friend’s marriage and her husband’s sobriety. I rejoice that I got to spend time with Golda. I rejoice that I can live and breathe and move! I even rejoice for my stupid, snoring black pug who poops on the floor and loves to take naps with me. 

Today, just for today, if you are struggling with fear and anxiety, try focusing on the good things in your life rather than giving into the fear. 

Please tell me what you think about this post.

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