Weight Loss

Three years ago, the first week of August, I had reached my highest weight in years. It was a slow climb, but I had reached 201 pounds (91 Kg). I had completed a dozen triathlons and biking events in the previous year, but was still overweight. I was not at all happy with how I looked or how I felt.

I decided to change my habits: eat better, snack less, and take natural supplements as recommended by my doctor (D, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, that sort of thing).

The Accident messed up those plans in a major way!

Over the next year and a half, my weight bounced all over the place, as did my emotions. I tried every once in a while to lose, but the pounds came back plus more. I gave up until I was in a more emotionally stable place.

This past year I have been working on losing weight. I’ve been drinking water instead of sodas (most of the time), eating healthier, and snacking less. As of today, I have dropped more than thirty pounds! My scales showed 170.0 pounds (77 Kg) today!

For my British readers: I’ve gone from 14.35 stones to 12.14 stones.

I did it not with a “super drink” or “power shake”. I did not make major, unbearable changes in my diet. I did it by:

  • drinking lots of water and avoiding sodas
  • making small changes like smaller portion sizes and ordering salads with the dressing on the side and with no cheese
  • eating fewer fried foods and avoiding fast food
  • snacking on fruit instead of chips and chocolate in the car on road trips
  • reading menus in restaurants and looking for lower calorie/lower fat options instead of going back to my “usual” entrée. For example, I now order the grilled chicken wrap with a side of fruit at Chick-fil-A instead of a chicken sandwich and waffle fries
  • taking walks and riding my bike

I still enjoy ice cream. I still have a Dr. Pepper every once in a while. We still go out to eat (it’s hard not to when traveling like we have.) I have not deprived myself of good food and periodic treats.

Weight loss is not impossible. I am not at my goal weight yet, but I am headed in the right direction. And the changes I have made over the past year will help me get there.

Here is a picture of me with my siblings the day of the memorial service. You can see my size clearly in my face.

These pictures are from today. 170 pounds. Yes, I still have more than a few to go, but I’m excited about my progress. I have made.

30 thoughts on “Weight Loss

  1. Your approach is a good one. I have always thought the key is changes instead of overly restrictive diets that are impossible to stick with.

    Congrats on your success so far 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on your healthy approach to food, and for success on the scale! I’m glad you still enjoy your faves once in awhile too–I think that helps toward overall happiness as you continue to lose or maintain. 😊

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