We may feel overwhelmed in our suffering. We may not be able to handle thinking about the future without our loved one. Sometimes we struggle just to breathe.

What do we do? We do the next right thing. We do whatever God put in front of us.

It may mean getting out of your chair, getting dressed, and cleaning one thing in your home. It may mean going grocery shopping. It may mean choosing a headstone, writing a note to a friend, balancing your checkbook or paying bills, going to church or work, or taking a walk. It may mean taking your child to school or going out to lunch with a friend. 

Each of us is unique. Our loved ones were unique, and their deaths were unique. The next right thing for you today will be different from the next right thing for me today.

We don’t have to figure out tomorrow. We need to do the next right thing today. Step by step. Day by day. We do each next good work which God prepared beforehand for each of us to do. 

3 thoughts on “NEXT!

  1. Miss Kathleen ~~ You are right … the next right thing that God has put in our path for us to do may be to get out of the chair or for those of us who have been down this path a bit longer than others (sometimes) to help others as we have been fortunate enough to get out of that chair – today.


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