My other children?

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about my other offspring. I use offspring because children just doesn’t seem quite right. 

My youngest is twenty, a junior in college, and owns her own gymnastics business. She teaches little people balance, tumbling, team work, following directions, and self-control. Her gym had a long waiting list after the olympics. She employs five college students. She does this while managing a hard major, community relationships, family relationships (she loves her niece and nephews!), and an internship with a local youth program. Nope, child does not describe her. 

Our youngest son is soon to be 22, a senior majoring in Math at the University of Oklahoma. He is a cheerleader and coaches middle and high school cheer squads. He can toss a woman in the air, flip her, then catch her on one hand. Child doesn’t fit him either. 

Our middle son, age 25, lives in Michigan. He’s coached gymnastics since 2005, the past four years at an elite gym that has produced national and world champions. He attends college part-time and has a great impact on his community. Yesterday I was struggling. He called and even texted to remind me to breathe and pray. Some days that’s all I can do- breathe and pray; yesterday I needed reminding. He is definitely not a child any more. 

Our oldest son is 28 and works for a USPS contractor. He just headed a fundraiser last weekend to benefit Envision Success, an organization that helps veterans transition to civilian life. They raised thousands by hosting a deadlift competition. A former Marine, he does everything he can to help other vets recovering from PTSD. He has started a non-profit called Veterans Recovering through Fitness. He is an amazing man. Child doesn’t fit him either. 

Our second oldest teaches preschool. And though she plays beautifully with children, she is definitely a grown-up. We’ve had our challenges, mainly because she is the mirror image of me. God’s done a work in me and our relationship is improving daily. I’m grateful to have her in my life. 

Mom of four and wife of one — our oldest is a remarkable woman. She homeschools and  serves her church, community, and Lord. She is a joy. She is not a child any longer. 

I don’t often write about my offspring because they can tell their own stories. Their stories are theirs to share. 

I can tell you that I love each of them. I’m flawed, so I don’t love them perfectly. I try to keep short accounts and make amends quickly. They are special to me, each in their own way. They are all amazing people – bright, kind, fun, and capable. But if you want to know more about them, you’ll have to talk to them; their stories are not mine to tell. 

This is the latest picture of the whole crew. It’s from 2014. We don’t often get to have all six in one place. Baby Lucy Marie is missing from this picture because she was still a twinkle in her daddy’s eye. Andrew is represented on his nephews shirts. They have Batman shirts on. Andrew loved Batman! But not nearly as much as I love my family. 

10 thoughts on “My other children?

  1. Beautiful post x you have children very similar to mine. Amy my eldest is 28, Rachel will be 25 in Nov, Benjamin is 23 & Jacob is forever 20. Amy is studying for her early childhood education degree, like her mum 😊 (I was a nurse before this career change) and all the kids did gymnastics when they were little. Beautiful photo of you all x

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    • Thank you.

      Isn’t it fun to have wonderful adult children? No, they don’t “make up” for our loss, but we can take joy in becoming more friends with them as they become adults. It’s fun to be my kids’ friend without having to parent them.

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  2. Miss Kathleen ~ What a wonderful representation of a Loving work in progress. Great Photo of all, including the representation of your Andrew. 🙂
    And thank you for making me smile today. I needed it.


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