Why My Husband Loves Me after 33 Years

Thirty-three years ago I married a cute engineering major with a wonderful tenor voice. He played guitar and racketball. He stole my heart the moment we met in his apartment.

We first laid eyes on each other when Ron was carrying a night stand into the apartment. He was moving in a day earlier than expected. I had just gotten out of the shower in what I thought was an empty apartment, so I was wearing only a large towel. (His roommate and I were friends and had spent the day swimming and hanging out. I had driven an hour from home to see friends on my day off. Being gentlemen, the guys had stayed by the pool while I showered and changed for dinner.) I looked at this darling stranger with a lovely smile and said, “Who are you?!?!”  He answered, “I live here  who are you?”

We were married four months later.

Today we celebrate thirty-three years of marriage. We could not have imagined all our lives would entail. We’ve had trials I would wish on no one, trials in which I had difficulty seeing God at work, though looking back I can see His handiwork. We’ve also had wonderful times when we could see clearly the blessings of God in our lives.

Those who know Ron can easily understand why I love my man. Two years ago I wrote about why Ron loves me. If you are one of many who wonder why he loves me, read on.


Today we celebrate 31 years of marriage. May I tell you story from about 16 years ago? I was having a horrible week: yelling at our kids, impatient with everyone, being hateful to Ron, I broke the …Read more: Why My Husband Loves Me

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