Trip Log 3.1

It’s been a long time since we traveled together. May was our last business trip. We did go to Chattanooga together in July for a Bible Study, its was great, but not like our business travel!

We are now on a five-week trip! Through Michigan, into Canada, Maine, New Hampshire, DC area, upstate New York, then Pennsylvania. At least that’s the plan. But if you’ve read my trip logs before, you know nothing goes exactly as planned! This trip is no different!

I left about 7:00 pm Friday, September 9 and drove to Tulsa, OK, for the night, expecting Ron to be a few hours behind me. Due to difficulties at the factory loading all the equipment, including two new pieces, he didn’t arrive in Tulsa until 7:30 the next morning! That made for a long day of driving Saturday!

For you regular readers, yes, we drove separately this trip. No, we didn’t have a fight.😉 Our son had flown in to Texas over the previous weekend. He’d bought a beautiful used car while there. (His old car has 220,000 miles and is 20 years old!) Rather than him driving two days back to Michigan, I offered to drive it for him. We were going to Detroit for business and this way he got to spend more time with us and the three siblings who live nearby. Time together is precious for my adult kids.

Adam getting the keys to his new, used car!

Labor Day Weekend

The weekend Adam was in town, David was leading a dead-lift party as a fundraiser for Envision Success, an organization that helps veterans transition to civilian life. Adam told his brother he’d have to miss it because he wasn’t flying in until Saturday. All week, I’d been telling David, “I soooo wish I could be there.” I didn’t lie, I did want to be there! David was convinced none of his family would be there. Of course we were there! When Ron, Adam, Lyz, and I walked in, David got a huge grin on his face and his eyes lit up! He ran over to hug me! It was a wonderful surprise! There is no way I wouldn’t have driven two hours to support my son doing such important work. They raised thousands of dollars that night, all going to help veterans!

And four of my kids got to spend parts of a great weekend together. Here are pictures of dinner with three of them. The fourth had to be in Houston for a football game Saturday so missed dinner.


Healthy eating! Yummmmmm!

Three of our kids cane to dinner, two brought a date. Adam was stuck with the pug.

Back to our trip…

We drove to Indianapolis Saturday. It was a long day! We both had to drive the whole way!

Sunday we met our friends Bret and Kathy for a wonderful brunch at Wild Eggs then took a long stroll through a park. We love getting to see these folks. They are so encouraging and loving.

After our  long stroll, we said good-bye and drove to Toledo. Ron and I lead a meeting of While We’re Waiting parents. There is not yet a chapter in that area, but some of the families had asked us to come when we were nearby. It was a wonderful evening of sharing our stories, our kids, and our hope in Christ.

Monday early, Ron drove to Cleveland for meetings. Since I was in a separate car, I got to sleep in and drove over later. We had dinner with a vendor and got to the hotel late.

Tuesday, while Ron went Akron for appointments, I drove back to Toledo to have lunch with one of my Bible Study Buddies. Mary is one of my favorite people! She is real and loves Jesus. She is full of joy and tells me truth.

An engineer who loves the product showed his co-workers the features he likes. Ron stood back and let him go!

The set up in Akron. Same trailer, new wrap. Thanks to Hudson Printing in Wichita Falls. They did a great job on the trailer!

After lunch, I drove to Lansing to deliver Adam’s car. I went by the gym where he works to watch him coach a couple of classes. As I sat there, two gals next to me starting chatting about what a great coach that guy is. I won’t write everything they said, but will tell you it makes a momma’s heart proud to hear such things. I interrupted their conversation to tell them I was his mom. They really gushed over him then, telling me wonderful things about how he helps kids grow and learn.

I met Adam’s housemates after he got off work. They are an odd group – odd in a good way, and they are very kind to my son.

Early Wednesday morning, Adam drove me to Troy, just north of Detroit. Ron and I had dinner with a group of customers and got to see the last inning of the Tigers game. We also got to see downtown Detroit at night. It is a beautiful downtown. Our host told us he is comfortable walking through downtown for the first time in his lifetime. I’m glad to see the city improving.

All day Thursday Ron had a booth set up at a local HVAC event. He led a seminar on unit ventilators for college students and area engineers. We were there until late in the evening, loaded the equipment back into the trailer, then drove to Lansing. Ron needed to get work done on the truck and trailer and had an appointment with a place there to do it. He had tried to get it done in Troy, but at the last minute that didn’t work out. Instead, we went back to Lansing. We got to have a late dinner with Adam Friday night.

Do you need a map to follow all of that? I did.

Saturday we drove from Lansing to Canada. 

This is not the first time we’ve taken the trailer across the border, but each time it’s a bit unnerving. The border guards take their job very seriously, especially when you’re pulling a large trailer with Texas plates. They asked a bazillion questions, even though Ron had all the proper paperwork in order. I was glad when when they sent us on our way. We arrived at our hotel in Brampton in time for dinner.

Sunday was beautiful! Great day in Toronto!

We started with a nice breakfast at the hotel then participated in a wonderful worship service at Grace Toronto Church. We went downtown for lunch and rode our bikes couple of hours along the waterfront (Lake Ontario). This was followed by quick nap before dinner at an Indian Buffet.


Ron worked hard all week. Drove three days last weekend, led a support group meeting Sunday evening, then five very full days of showing HVAC equipment (including three late dinner meetings) followed by a long drive Saturday. It was nice to have a day off.

Today I am in the hotel writing. Tonight we head towards Ottawa. Stayed tuned for more Trip Logs from Canada!

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