Excerpt from “My Journey…”

“People of faith who have lost a child are often seen as brave and strong. We have been through something that no parent wants to experience: the death of a child.

We are not strong or brave. We endure because we must; we have no choice. We have other family members that need us. We have ‘good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ We have jobs and homes to care for. We cannot just give up, find a hole to crawl in, and quit living – though we sometimes wish we could.We are walking through life because that is what we do – we go on. We live. We breathe. We work. And we attend church and school functions because we must. We know that God called our child Home and left us here on earth for His purpose. We know we must persevere and trust Him to help us and to heal us. We do not go on because we are tough or brave or strong. Because the truth is we are none of these things. We are most often weak, and tired, and broken.

God is good. He is faithful. He is healing our broken hearts. We do have joy and peace. We do have moments of happiness and fun-filled laughter. We will be healed and go on living. But our life has changed and we will never be quite the same as we were before burying our child.”

~Kathleen B. Duncan, My Journey Through Grief Into Grace

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