New Book

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting on my blog much. I also haven’t been reading any other blogs. 

Why? Glad you asked!

Last May I was in Chattanooga for an in depth study of James at Precept Ministries International. Turns out the man in charge of all of their publications read my book My Journey through Grief into Grace. He gave it to their editor to read. They decided they liked my writing. 

Pete Delacy – if you’ve done any Precept studies, you may recognize the name. He’s written dozens of books – Pete told me they had been praying for eighteen months for God to send them someone who:

  1. Loved inductive Bible study
  2. Had a heart for grieving people 
  3. Knew how to write

He said they wanted me to write an inductive study on God’s Healing in Grief

My response was, “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!”

He said, “We’ll help you.” And he calmly told me they plan to translate it into a couple dozen languages. No pressure. No deadline. Yeah right! No pressure!

I went to my hotel and called Ron. We prayed and talked and prayed. He said I should do it. So I said, “okay.”

I spent the month of June working on a very rough draft/outline and sent it to PMI. They liked it. When Ron and I were there in July for a study of Galatians I met my editor and layout designer. I had an editor!! Wow! 

And I had a deadline: October 1. 

I sent an email to a few friends asking for prayer. One responded, “How exciting. And terrifying!” He was right. I’ve read James 2:1! 

Ron joined me as co-author in August. He is an amazing writer! 

We’ve spent countless hours writing, talking, studying, praying, talking, rewriting, editing, etc. I’ve cried and laughed and been up to the wee hours trying to get it right. 

Each chapter or lesson has gone through many rewrites before going to the editor, who made many “suggestions”. We’ve gone back and forth on more than a few issues. Iron sharpens iron. 

The copy was in on time. Then the fun began in earnest: final editing. 

I’ve learned a bunch. I’ve cried a bunch. I’ve prayed a bunch. I’ve deleted a bunch.

And today we sent the last lesson with all edits finalized! All that is left is the layout and cover design. Those are not my job! Glory!

So, dear friends, now you know. I’ve been writing an inductive Bible Study called God’s Healing in Grief with my husband. Yes, as we’ve been on the road for more than five weeks, I’ve been writing during the day and we’ve edited at night. 

To be sure I kept my mind on the task, I didn’t read other blogs or books. I’ve not been writing here because I was writing elsewhere. 

I wish I had a picture of the cover to show you. I will when I do. 

The publication target is November 15. 

I’ll post here when it’s available. 

3 thoughts on “New Book

    • I’ve been terrified for months…in a good way. I have humbly been studying the Word and seeking God’s direction. We have prayed and listened.

      We share some of our story and our journey. But our story won’t heal people. Only God can do that.

      The best parts of this book are the inductive study sections:

      Why Study the Bible during Grief?
      Why do people die?
      Why this person? Why now?
      Do we become angels when die?
      What is heaven like?
      How can I know if my loved one us okay?
      How should we respond we others hurt us in our grief?
      How then shall we live?


      • I rolled my eyes a bit when I read the question about angels, but I’m glad you included it. I got a little angry when a well meaning person told my nephew that my husband was now his angel. OK, maybe a lot angry. The truth is sufficient, don’t make up lies and don’t be afraid to say you don’t know..

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