I am a writer (a book review)

Jennie Faith Allen, author of Stuck and other great studies, founder of IF gatherings, asked if I had read “bird by bird” last week. I ordered it. It arrived while I was out of town. I began reading it tonight. I am not even through the intro. 

O M G!!

Her thoughts! Her sentences! Her words! Her style! I’m loving it!

This paragraph! The one in the picture!

I’ve been saying for a year I’m not a writer, though I have two books on Amazon and a thriving blog. PMI is publishing a book they asked me to write next month. 

This paragraph!

This sentence!

“And sometimes when they are writing well, they feel better and more alive than they do at other times.”

Yes! When I write…I am a writer!

Thank you, Jennie Faith Allen, for recommending this book. I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight.

Warning: there are a few curse words. This is not a Christian book. But I’m loving it!

4 thoughts on “I am a writer (a book review)

  1. What a beautiful way to put it: like milking a cow. I haven’t milked a cow but I’ve milked goats and the milk IS creamy, rich and full of life. The doe is always so glad to have given the gift. That is how I feel when the words flow.

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