Photo Class

While in Phoenix for my husband’s business meeting, I participated in a photography class. It was only two hours long, but we learned some amazing things!

The instructor gave us a few hints on taking better photos with our phones then sent us out onto the resort property to take pictures for a half hour. After we took photos with our Iphones, we went back to the meeting room where she taught us to us Photo Editor by Aviary. It is a free app and has all kinds of tools including red-eye correction and whitening capabilities.

Here are some of the photos I took along with the edited versions.  I played with some older photos as well.

I hope you like them. Maybe you can play with Photo Editor by Aviary and post a few of your pictures.

I’m far from a professional, but it is fun to learn new things! Especially when it involves a free app!

Oh! We also downloaded Tiny Planet and played with it. Here are a few of my silly edits.

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