Ron Quotes

We’ve been married more than 33 years. 

Seven children. Five states. Ten houses. Many jobs, too many to remember. 

We’ve been through some tough times and a few tragedies. 

But we love each other and enjoy spending time together. 

On Facebook I often post Today’s Ron Quote. Here is the one I posted tonight. 


At Market Street, getting something for dinner. Ron picked up a spinach & feta quiche. 

Ron: My first wife used to make quiche all the time. 

Me: What ever happened to your first wife?

Ron: She got skinny, became a famous author, and quit cooking for me. 


PS. I AM his first wife!

I love my husband. I’m grateful we laugh. A lot. 

Even after much sorrow there is much joy. 

Last Sunday we sat by the pool and worked on editing God’s Healing in Grief.

2 thoughts on “Ron Quotes

  1. Loved reading this as my husband and I are holidaying in New Zealand 😊 trying to reconnect a bit more as a couple as its been just over a year after losing our beautiful brown eyed boy Jacob. Your words brought a smile to my face 😊

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