Decorating for Christmas 

I did a few things I’ve never done before. I paid a couple of guys to help me put up our tree and help me decorate for Christmas. And we put lights on the outside of the house. 

(Ron’s been traveling without me since right after thanksgiving so I would have had to do all the decorating alone. Instead I hired two dear friends who do this as a business.)

We are hosting our annual Christmas Eve Open House. Plus we’re hosting a company Christmas party and I’m doing a Christmas lunch for ladies from church.

This is all a big deal for me because I wanted to decorate this year! I want to host parties and enjoy the holidays!! I’m excited about Christmas this year!
As many of you know, Andrew’s birthday is Christmas Eve. The past three Christmases I put up the tree and did a bit of decorating, but it was so hard! I didn’t really feel like doing any of it. It was a chore. It was worth every bit of effort, but it was hard to do. It felt like I was wearing a very heavy overcoat every time I did any holiday stuff.

I participated in celebrations mostly out of obligation and necessity for three years. 

Last year was better. 

This year it’s been fun! I’m enjoying it this year. I’m laughing and smiling. 

My point: if you are hurting, do what works best for your family this year. Do a little. Or do a lot. Try to do things that stretch you just a bit. Keep old traditions or start new ones. As we work towards healing in our grief, we grow and stretch and heal step by step, day by day. And then, one day we realize we are smiling, we are enjoying ourselves, we have joy and hope

I’m praying for each of you to have a joyous Christmas as we think about the resurrection given to us by the baby Jesus who grew up to be a man. A man who was crucified, died, and rose from the grave that we might have abundant life.

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