His Last Words

I’m working on His Last Words bible study today. 

“I had wasted so much time thinking that all God did was demand, condemn, and punish. I had no idea He loved me. I had no idea that He wanted me to be His friend. I had no idea that He wanted me to believe in Him so I could have His daily presence in the Holy Spirit and eternal life in heaven.” Page 80-81. 

This. This is so important! 

We often skip to “you can go to heaven. Trust Jesus and get saved.” 

We skip the part about His love and how He wants to change our lives today!

You can preorder the study now!


3 thoughts on “His Last Words

  1. The night my husband died I started listening to the Gospel of John over and over and over again for weeks. Every time I listened to it, a different verse stood out, but these chapters were my comfort. I’m so excited to order this. Thank you for sharing.

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