My Other Kids Need Me

Today I heard yet another story of an adult child who lost her parents. Not to death, but to grief. 

This time a young woman’s little brother drowned when she was a teenager. Her father went into a deep depression that resulted in his drinking his life away. Her mom simply stopped living. She still went through the motions, but she didn’t live. 

On the day her brother died, this young woman lost her parents. 

They didn’t take pictures of her dressed for her senior prom. They missed their grandchild’s first birthday. 

They grieved so deeply that they forgot to live. 

Twenty years later, she is still hurting. She misses her brother and her parents.

I don’t want my kids to look back and say they lost me that day. 

I was forever changed the day I learned Andrew was dead. I will never be the same. 

But I want to live. 

I want to be there for my other children. I don’t want to miss him so much, to grieve so much, that I miss out on being my kids’ mom and grandmother to their kids. 

I want to live and be a wife to Ron. 

I want to live a be a good friend. 

I want to live and love those Jesus loves.


Help me to live. To mourn my son yet live the life You have ordained for me. Give me Your joy and hope that I may live to glorify You. 



13 thoughts on “My Other Kids Need Me

  1. Honestly, I live to be there for Gracen. My worst fears are her leaving us or me leaving her. I can’t say I’m really living these days . . . I’ve kind of lost sight of my life’s purpose, but we celebrate anything and everything Gracen does. I work hard to ensure she has some semblance of a real life; which can be challenging due to the progressive disease she lives with, but these days that’s pretty much the one thing that motivates me.

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  2. Oh Miss Kathleen, you struck a cord within me today; just with the title.
    And then I read something I completely understand.
    I too want to live.
    I think I have already lost my other children as they are not processing the loss of their brother and father figure with me around them. I have grown so much since the moment I learned of my boy’s death too. And I am better, as person … now (some 6 and a half years later). But as my daughters could not handle the bumpy times while being around me — I may have lost them too as they stay away (2200 miles +/-) and are now estranged for 1 year and 7 months. The silence is deafening. The silence is heartbreaking. I vote for living. Not causing the loss of more than one with these deaths.

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