Dirty Sock

Honesty time. 

I’ve been feeling like a sock lately. 

You know the one…the sock with holes and covered in lint and dust that you find when you move the washer for repairs. The one you throw away because it’s worthless. 

I’ve been feeling unloved by God. I’ve been feeling like He accidentally dropped me behind the laundry room appliances and forgot about me. 

But the truth is that God loves me. 

He chose me out of the world. He wants me to obey His commands, not because He is controlling or mean, but because He loves me and wants me to bear good fruit. Lots of good fruit. 

Read John 13-16. Read it over and over again. It says truth. It says God loves us!

I don’t know why He loves me. I don’t know why my son died. I don’t know why bad things happen to some of us and not to others. 

But I’m beginning to believe GOD LOVES ME!  

And He loves you.

(And by the way, our feelings lie to us sometimes.)

I am studying His Last Words by Kim Erickson. It is an awesome study of John 13-18. Get it. You won’t be disappointed. 


One thought on “Dirty Sock

  1. Lord, Please wrap Your loving arms a little tighter (as I know they are already there) around Miss Kathleen and let her feel a bit of relief within Your presence. And Lord, maybe it is time, again, to let Miss Kathleen see only one set of footprints in the sand – Yours, as you carry her. Amen

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