I’m sitting praying. One sweet friend had surgery this morning to remove diseased lymph nodes. Another was at the hospital with her daddy ill all weekend. 

A third is waiting as her husband of nearly 50 years will soon see Jesus face to face. This man will leave behind a legacy that reached countless lives. He will find treasures laid up for him in heaven. My friend will miss him though she knows this life is but a vapor and she will one day join her sweet husband in the presence of God. 

I want updates! I want to know how each of these friends are doing! I want to know what to say to encourage and comfort them! I want to call each of them to ask questions!

Instead, I am praying for them. I am praying as they requested, not as I would want but as they requested. And I am trusting God to work His will in their lives and in the lives of those they love. 

And, after all, isn’t prayer really the most powerful thing we can do for our friends?

Update: Prayers for one friend were answered today. Her sweet husband is with Jesus. No more pain or illness. 

I’m rejoicing and hurting.

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