We all need recovery 

I have a friend I’ve been praying for and watching go through some stuff. Waiting for her to see the truth of the junk in her life.

She called this morning ready to change it. Ready to move forward in her healing/recovery. 

Folks, we are all in need of recovery from something. Maybe for you it’s addiction, or abuse, or someone you love is an alcoholic, or maybe you deal with lust, anger, gossip or some other sin.

We are all in need of a savior and recovery.

My choice is to walk in love as much as I am able. To be available when a friend needs someone to listen, to pray, and to offer wisdom from God’s Word. 

To be able to do this, I must seek God, study and apply His Word, and pray.  

What do you do to be available to help others?

6 thoughts on “We all need recovery 

  1. I try to give people the information they need to deal with their problem. I try to show them the lie or misinformation they have been believing. I try to give them the Truth to replace the lie. The hard part is backing off and letting the Lord do the work. Even harder is waiting to be asked to help instead of barging into someone’s situation. I have often forgotten to pray thoroughly before offering help – not wise. Thank God He is able to meet people where they are and that the power for change comes from Him.

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  2. Miss Kathleen ~ I write my life experiences and am willing to let others in on information many others do not talk about. I do that and then I listen and work to help others see some light at the end of the tunnel by letting them know they are not alone.

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