Be There

This morning I packed a bag not knowing where I would be tonight. Would I drive back home or stay in a hotel?

I left my house at 7 am. I drove five hours. To attend a funeral.

Friends of ours lost their Andrew this week. 22 years old. Full of life. Then gone.

I drove to be at there. Three years ago, when we lost our Andrew, they came to be with us, though they had no idea what we were going through. They just knew they loved us and we were hurting.

My friend asked me to come by the house after the service. I did. She wanted to talk. I listened. 

It’s after midnight and I just checked into a hotel. I’ll offer to be back at their house in the morning. If she asks, I’ll stay all day. I will check back into the hotel if I she asks me to. Or I’ll drive home.

I get it. I know the pain of losing a child.

I’m so glad I get it. I’m so glad I understand the pain of losing a son. I received comfort from the Father of all comfort and today I was able to be completely present with friends as they deal with the loss of their Andrew. I am able to give them hope. To love them and listen. 

I have been given a gift. Comfort like no other. In supply too great to measure. I can share this comfort, this gift with other newly bereaved parents. 

I am praising God through the tears.

God is good and He does good. Even when we don’t understand.

I’m grateful He can use me, use my pain, because He’s comforted me and bound up my wounds. 

How is He using your wounds? Your pain? Are you comforting others in any affliction with the comfort you have received? Are you allowing God to use ugly things in your life to further His Kingdom? Even when you don’t understand what He’s doing, are you willing to be used?

It is a beautiful thing to be a part of His working.

4 thoughts on “Be There

  1. Oh, Praise His Holy Name for He brings beauty out of the ashes!

    Your words would make no sense to people who do not know His saving grace and to some who do. Keep sharing. Thank you for your obedience. Bless you.

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