Middle of the Night Texting

January 2016 a young man from our community died in his sleep. A sweet young woman, a friend of mine, texted me.

After I woke up the other night because of a night terror (replay of the morning of August 13, 2013) I was afraid. Then I remembered this post. I’ve read these truths many times the past 24 hours.


I’m not great at texting. But Saturday night I received a late night text that I had to answer.  A young woman reached out to me.  She is hurting. Her friend died. He went to sleep Sunday and never woke up. There has been no news regarding the cause of death. A seemingly healthy young man went to sleep and woke up in heaven.you may not be awake… but I am like I have been all week. is it normal to be afraid to go to sleep? he went to sleep not knowing it was his last night and didn’t get to wake up. I’m afraid that I won’t get to say good bye….

Source: Middle of the Night Texting

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