Race Relations 

I attended a women’s conference this past weekend.  There was a great deal of discussion about race issues.

May I share a funny story? About race relations?

When my children were young, we lived in a town that was only 5% minority. My husband’s job took us there.

We have a dear friend originally from Nigeria who taught law at Harvard. She frequently came to visit and sometimes would stay with our kids to give us a weekend away. My youngest is named for my Nigerian sister.

Our dentist was also a black woman.

For years my children thought all black women were lawyers or doctors!

Of course, this is not true and they eventually learned that we cannot judge an entire race on two women. We cannot expect all people of any race to be exactly like the people we have met in the past.

Let me say that again…we cannot expect all people of any race to be exactly like the people we have met in the past.

If you have met racist white women, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if you have been treated badly by men or women of any race.

  • I commit to love you with the love of Jesus. 
  • I commit to listen before I judge or try to tell you that you are wrong or how to fix your problems. In fact, I won’t tell you that you are wrong unless the Lord shows us both. And I won’t tell you how to fix your problems unless you ask my advice; I’m still working on mine! 
  • I commit to helping you bear your burden and do what I can to support you in whatever ways the Lord leads me to, one step at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time.
  • I commit to say something if and when I see injustice.
  • I commit to continue to work on my own wrong attitudes as I work to seek God, study and apply His Word, and do the next right thing regarding my relationships with women of all races, backgrounds, and nationalities.

My mission field is between my feet. I want to love those God puts in front of me, whatever that looks like. May we all do the small things He called us to do, with love and compassion. May we each love those around us the way Jesus loves us. May  we first be a disciple of Jesus. And then may we make disciples who make disciples who make disciples without regard to skin tone. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Race Relations 

    • Amen!

      One gal told me I needed to seek more black friends. She does know me! She made assumptions without getting to know me! This black woman later got me mixed up with someone else, “y’all look the same to me,” she commented. Wow! Just wow!

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