Coffee? Yuck!!!

At the women’s conference I attended last weekend they spoke a lot about doing the small stuff, like inviting a friend out for coffee. 

But here’s my problem: I DON’T LIKE COFFEE. 

So, anyone want to join me for a nice glass of ice water? We can discuss our favorite books. Or our book addiction. 🙄☺️😉

But seriously folks…You don’t have to drink coffee. You don’t have to like books. Simply invite a friend to spend time with you! Grab a Diet Coke, sweet ice tea, water, or even (yuck) coffee. Find a comfortable space. Ask a couple of questions and then LISTEN!

Listen without trying to form your answer in your mind. Listen without interrupting. 

Listen without judgement. 

Listen without comparison. 

Listen with intention.

Listen with an open heart. 

Listen with compassion. 

Listen with love. 

When we are “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry” we learn from each other. We begin to understand each other. And we earn the right to speak…after we listen. 
Who will you listen to this week?

If you looking for a great book on biblical hospitality, check out “The Simplest Way To Change the World” by Dustin Willis and Brandon Clemente. This is a great book on how to simply invite people in. Invite them into your home, into your life. 

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